How to add and delete a market watch?

How to add and delete a market watch?

You can add and delete a market watch. 

Adding Stocks

  • Launch the application and log in.

  • Open the navigation menu on the top left or click on MARKET WATCH at the bottom. 

  • Click on MARKET WATCH.

  • Add any new stocks you wish to view by clicking on the plus (+) sign.

  • Search the stocks and add them by clicking on the +. This sign ✔ indicates selection. 

  • Click on add stocks at the bottom

  • You can view the stocks now.

Deleting Stocks

  • For deleting a particular stock or the watchlist, click on the option highlighted below. 

  • Click on delete to select a particular stock.

  • For deleting an entire watchlist, click on manage watchlist.

  • Select the watchlist you wish to delete.