How to add and withdraw funds using Justrade?

How to add and withdraw funds using Justrade?

  • Log in to the app and click on PAYIN/LINKS.

  • To add funds, click on it. 

  • You will be redirected to the payment gateway, on your browser. 

  • You can choose your segment and the registered bank. 

  • Add your account number and the amount to be added and submit it. 

  • To withdraw funds, click on the option. 

  • You will be redirected to a new web page on the browser. 

  • Choose the segment, bank detail and the amount you wish to withdraw. 

  • Your withdrawal limit will be mentioned. 

  • Click on submit to proceed.

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      Visit for complete details about adding and withdrawing funds You can add funds to trading account only through your bank account that you have registered with us. As per SEBI rules, we can only accept funds ...
    • How can I withdraw money from my trading account?

      Withdrawal requests can be placed online and or by making a call at our help desk. Withdrawal takes upto 8 working hours. For stocks sold today, the amount would get reflected in 2-3  days in your bank account. Fund withdrawals can be processed free ...
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      No, we don’t accept cash payments or demand drafts. You will have to add funds through the payment gateway on our trading software and mobile app.  You can also add funds using- National Electronic Fund Transfer (NEFT)  Real-time gross settlement ...
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      You can add money to your trading account by drawing a cheque depositing it in your nearest bank branch. But we recommend online transfer as it easier and faster.   Our account details are as below -  You will need to write ‘Swastika Investmart Ltd’ ...