How to check orders?

How to check orders?

Launch the web application and sign in. 

You can view all your orders here.

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    • What are the types of orders?

      An order is placed when the buyer and seller have the matching criteria in buying and selling stocks.  There are different kinds of orders that can be placed on trading exchanges for stocks and commodities. futures contracts. In other words, the ...
    • How to check orders?

      You can check all the home page.  You can also track them on the sidebar of the app. Click on Trade and select order book.   
    • What orders can be placed in a pre-order and post-order session?

      1) Market orders- These orders don’t have a specified price while buying or selling. These are executed as per the availing market rates. 2) Limit orders- these orders have specified a market rate i.e the price and the quantity and hence they get ...
    • How to check orders?

      Step 1 Launch the desktop trading software and log in.  Step 2 Click on View Order/Trade Reports  Step 3 Select Order Book and view all your orders. 
    • How to explore market scenario?

      Log into the app and click on Market View the Top Markets (Indian, Global) with Indices.