How to create a wishlist/ market watch?

How to create a wishlist/ market watch?

Click on the CREATE MW 

You can enter the name of your desired market match. 

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    • How to create a watchlist/market watch?

      A market watch can be created using the following ways : 1. On the Justrade app, open the left bar and select market watch.    2. You view and manage market watch. 3. You can view, add and delete market watch as desired. 
    • How to add, delete and rename a market watch?

      You can choose from the options(as shown in the image below) to add, delete or rename a market watch. 
    • How to add and delete a market watch?

      You can add and delete a market watch.  Adding Stocks Launch the application and log in. Open the navigation menu on the top left or click on MARKET WATCH at the bottom.  Click on MARKET WATCH. Add any new stocks you wish to view by clicking on the ...
    • How to explore market scenario?

      Log into the app and click on Market View the Top Markets (Indian, Global) with Indices. 
    • What is Carry Forward Trading?

      Carry forward trading enables you to purchase the shares and not sell them on the same day but you should have enough margin in your account if you desire to carry forward your stock otherwise we would have to sell it very next day at the current ...